The Introduction of NACF Fibers


The NACF fib er is a kind of new reinforced composite fib er , which contains nanophase material and has no asbestos. It is developed and manufactured by ourselves. The full name is No Asbestos Compound Fibers , called “ N ACF” for short. At present, our annually capacity is 5 000 tons on N ACF. O ur products not only confirms to the Q/3201SWC04-2008 standard but also approve the IS09001-2000 certificate system of quality certification. As a new environmental fib er , the N ACF fib er is mainly used for replacing the traditional asbestos fib er and expensive Kevlar pulur fiber.

The character of N ACF fib er  

The main materials of N ACF is a good selection of the Diabase, The raw materials are melted in more than 1 2 00 ℃ temperature , then adopt lots of other technics as melt spinn ed, surface activation, organic treatment , spoil disposal, high speed mixment, drying as well as refining with some nano composite material and plant fiber. So its main advantage have the performance of the reinforce , the resist pressure , the resist heat , and the resist medium . Thus, the thermal stability of NACF is better than the traditional asbestus fib er, also have better compressive strength , lower heat-conduction coefficient and better st able on chemical , and be good at bounding, heat resistance , resilient and resist slack. It has all characteristics a reinforced fibre should have.

The character as followed

1. NACF as a kind of 100% reinforced composite fib er with no asbestos , can add into hermetically material.

The product make by excellent material and special procedure. So we can ensure our main content is inorganic , environmental protection , degradable , and no pollution . N CAF fib er stand competition in reinforced sealed fib er at home and abroad for its nice cost-performance. It is canonized by frictional material experts and receives recognition from customers at home and abroad.

2.The direction is sample, and conven ience for mass production.
3. With the performance of good e nhancement , high tortuosity ratio and resist medium , can increase the impact strength in hermetically material.
4. After organic cou pling treatment on t he fi b er surface, the bounding capacity was improved. It could be well combined with resins and other c omponent and could even stay with the co-worker of frictional material.
5. The NACF fiber after swelling treatment, the floss shaped fiber surface is enlarged, w hich help to strengthen its absorbtion. It also renew quickly as friction material. Thus, it can lengthen their service life .
6. In order to meet the client’s requests need the resist slack of hermetically material, we can change the L/D by controlling the diameter and length of the fib er .

2  N ACF ’ s P hysical P roperty  




grey-white fibre form

Average length of fibre(mm)


Average dia(mm)


Burning less (% 、 800 ℃ /h)


PH value


Water content(%)

≤ 2.0

Capacity density(kg/m 3 )

> 80

3  N ACF ’ s C hemical C omposition  

SiO 2 30 – 5 0% Al 2 O 3 1 2 - 18 %

Ca O +MgO 2 8 - 3 8% Fe 2 O 3 0. 5 - 1 %

Na 2 O+K 2 O 0.5 - 1 % Free Carbon 4 -8%

The Application Hints of NACF

With the principle of “the equivolume substitute”, t he NACF can replace Kevlar Pulur to do the prescription of the hermetically materials. The dosage is 70 - 80 % of the traditional asbestus fibre, which again show the advantage in the cost effectiveness.

5.P ackaging, D eposit and Service  

⑴ The packaging is compound spinning bag. The details as below form:







⑵ Deposit in dry place , avoid to be wet.

The period of validity: 2 year

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